Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Saga Continues

Well, I have officially hit the 20 week mark and everything is still going beautifully.  I've been blessed with some kicks and minor movements and every once in a while, I can look down, and see that the baby has completely shifted to one side, leaving the other side of my belly unoccupied.  So cute! 

We are T-9 days until our ultrasound which SHOULD tell us if baby Chapman is a boy or a girl.   We aren't picky in the slightest, but I just want to know!!!  Let's all hope and pray that baby Chapman decides not to be shy that day.  In a moment of weakness yesterday, I day dreamed about storming into my OB's office and complaining of something gone horribly wrong so they'd take me in for an early ultrasound.......but patience is a virtue, right? 

According to my updates, baby Chapman is measuring up to a banana this week.  Which puts the baby at 7 inches (crown to rump) and a whopping 11 oz!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I looked over at Ryan the other day and told him that I was past the half way mark.  To this he responded, "wow, we should probably start getting ready, huh?"  We look forward to crib shopping sometime in the next month.  My biggest complaint lately has been that I crave something desperately each evening, but I can never seem to put my finger on what it is.  Even after a grocery store run, I pace and dig through everything we have and never find anything that seems remotely satisfying.  Oh well.  It could be WAY worse. 

I had a wonderful thought the other day.  I was chatting away or belting showtunes to the baby, as I often do, and I thought to myself, "We were made for each other." 

Before I finish, I want to proposition anyone living in Utah, or Arizona near a Rumbi Island Grill.  I am willing to do pretty much anything, short of giving up my firstborn, if someone will find a way to get me a rice bowl!!!!!  Let me know if you can so I can tell you my specific order......

All else is well!!!
Brooke, Ryan, and Baby

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Smiles

Hello All!!!
I am happy to report that at 19 weeks 3 days, things are looking great. I have reached the half-way point in this pregnancy, which is surreal.  Baby Chapman is measuring in at the size of a large mango/small cantaloupe and I am finally sporting a bump that looks more like I'm carrying a baby and less like I ate too much for lunch!!! I am still feeling great and the excitement is really starting to build.  Last night, I felt actual kicks for the first time!!  I had been feeling little movements, like if the baby was changing positions, but now I can feel actual kicks!!!  We are anxiously awaiting February 9th when we have another ultrasound which will hopefully tell us if I spend all day talking to a baby boy or a baby girl.  (We aren't picky).  I wandered through the baby section at Target today and had the time of my life doing so!  Everything is just so cute!!!  Ryan and I are getting plenty of practice as we baby sit almost every week.  I'm just so darn excited!!! 

Here is a picture from one week ago. 

We love you all and hope all is well!!!

Brooke, Ryan, and Baby