Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School: A New Motivation

So I had a very depressing yet motivating experience today.  I am going to start working with 3 wonderfully perfect souls 3 days a week as a respite worker.  Although I've already got the job, I still have to go through the whole hiring process.  I was very happy to hear that both my Direct Service Professional (DSP) and CPR certifications will allow me to bypass almost all training.  So I turned in my resume filled out an application and felt VERY confident that my extensive experience, fantastic references (which include my boys Jay and Jeff who can account first hand of my abilities), and many qualifications should set me up for the highest starting pay.  Of course, I am not in this job for the money and would take the job for nothing.  It's very part time and I LOVE the kids I'll be working with and that is why I sought out the job opportunity.  But anyway, I met with a neat guy today who would be my supervisor.  He, of course, was just relaying the information from the HR department.  After we'd discussed what my responsibilities would be and after I was informed that I would have to join the union (not my first choice, but, no biggie), I was informed that although I was very much qualified, I could only make so much because I don't have a degree.  (I only have 3 years of college under my belt).  I smiled and nodded while I thought to myself, "Oh, so my time and effort is only worth so much because I don't have a piece of paper that would make me more worth it?  How about the millions of hours and scars from the bite marks!"  Of course, this mind-rant was quite dramatic, but I smiled and nodded and drove home. 

When I got home, I did some research, and called good ole' BYU to get some questions answered.  I am 30 credits away from a Bachelor of General Studies Major with an emphasis on Family History....All of which can conveniently be completed online......So, Ladies and Gents,  I am officially a BYU student......AGAIN! 

I have to finish 6 credits before I start the emphasis program.  Although I am super scared, and nervous because academics have always been not only not one of my strenghts, but its safe to say it has always been a weakness.  But I will have to trust in the Lord who promises, through faith, to "make weak thinks become strong unto them." -Ether 12:27.  I know education is a wonderful blessing, it's just never gone very well for me. I LOVE attending classes and I LOVE to learn, but spending all day in class to come home and slave over a paper on a topic I could care less about has never sat well with me.

I beg of you all to remind me of my motivation when I cry at the thought of an assignment.  Another motivation......My father told me and my sisters that when we graduated college, he would buy us a car of our choice.......It really doesn't get any better than that!

So first step: complete History 202, and Family Finance. Hopefully in the next 2-3 months if not sooner.
Then its on to 24 credits worth of courses relevant to my interests (genealogy) 

It's funny how one sentence can unleash such sudden motivation.  It just really bothered me that not having a degree would make a difference.  Whats even more bothersome is that if I had a degree in Political Science or International Relations,or even Mathematics, or Theatre, none of which have ANYTHING to do with my chosen career, would make me more "Qualified".  Oh well, thus is life.

In conclusion, I am THRILLED to be working again, especially with such a wonderful family and their perfect children.  And I really hope I will be able to stay motivated and do what needs to be done so I can reap the blessings and satisfaction of knowing I did it!!!
For your enjoyment, I've included a picture of me on my first day of Pre-school......It really explains a lot doesn't it? :)

Ready, Set, GO!!!