Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scripture Power

The Book of Mormon has been on my mind a lot lately.  I want to study it more.  I want to learn from the stories the Book of Mormon prophets lived!  I want my family to grow closer to Christ as we read from this amazing book!  
I think this excellent primary song says it best:

Scripture Power keeps me safe from sin, 
Scripture Power is the power to win, 
Scripture Power, every day I need 
the power that I get each time I read.

This book was written anciently for our day to teach us how to come closer to our Heavenly Father.
I know this book was written by holy prophets.
I know Joseph Smith translated this book by the power of God.
I know this book is truly the word of God.
Read it for yourself and take the challenge at the end!
Read, Pray, Live.

The Chapmans

The Chapmans

We recently had the opportunity to take family pictures.  Our WONDERFUL photographer, Hannah Fine, made out session fun and was able to capture the true spirit and beauty of our little family!

It helps that we have such cute kids.....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sydney Turns 2

My Sweet girl turned 2 last month!  Yikes!  She's such a delight and a very curious girl.  She LOVES to sing and will talk your ear off (like her momma).  Her favorite place to be is outside and each evening we have to drag her into the house kicking and screaming (like her daddy).

Ladies and Gents, this is what 2 looks like!

Her exact words were "Oh My Gosh!"

Her "mowder"