Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas was wonderful!! Now that I have an iPad, I hope to blog more!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Full term....Less than three weeks 'til D Day

Ok All,
We are 37 weeks!  Lovely is rolling a ton and contracting.  We went to the Dr. today and all is well.  The process has started.  We've been watching a lot of Walker Texas Ranger and we salsa danced as we did the dishes today, complete with body rolls and shimmys.  We are quite a sight.  We also had one of my young women take some beautiful pictures for us!  I hope you enjoy them!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello All!
At 34 weeks, Lovely measures in at the size of a large Cantaloupe.  I like to picture the huge melons that I used to eat in Missouri at the Evans'!  Anyway, the frequent need to pee has gotten worse and yesterday I found myself at the grocery store one sneeze away from having to lie and tell people my water had broken.......luckily, I was able to make it to a nearby friends' house before any such accident took place.  Phew!  We can now say that Lovely responds to bright lights.  She sure tried to kick the flashlight out of Ryan's hands.  I'm still feeling wonderful!  It's mostly giggles, and belting of show tunes over here.  I'm finding myself more and more motivated to get stuff done and run errands.  Pregnancy couldn't even keep me from, working 6 hours at the rummage sale!  I feel so blessed to feel so good!  The weather is getting nice and we enjoy being outside!  She's as active as ever and we try our best not to keep Daddy up at night when we get bored.  I'm doing way better than I have in the past!  (Though I did get him up an hour early this morning to make waffles with me)  He's such a good man! 
We miss and love you all!!!
Brooke, Ryan, and Lovely

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello All!!!!!
Well, 33 weeks has come and Lovely and I are still doing and feeling
great!  She has surpassed the size of a honeydew and proudly measures
in at the size of a pineapple!  We are nearing the home stretch and
have to go to the doctor every 2 weeks now!  She is supposedly almost
5 pounds!!!  She gets the hiccups and loves dancing around for Daddy.
It's funny.  She'll move for him whenever he wants, but when someone
else tries to feel, she refuses to perform.  Ha! A Daddy's girl from
the start?  we'll see! As you can see from the photo, my belly has
become my new convenient shelf, (except for when she kicks the bowl)
June 18th seems to be fast approaching!  Yesterday I bought sour cream
that expires on June 18, 2012!!!!!  Lovely's room is near finished and
Ryan and I sat in there last night to read the scriptures and I think
that might become our new habit!  Now if only I could choose a car
seat!  Ryan is doing great!  He seems more than happy to help me sit
up when I lay down and gets a good laugh every time I sneeze and
immediately check to make sure I haven't peed my pants. (those who
have been pregnant know the feeling!)  The only time I was pretty sure
Ryan must have had a death wish was when I was weighing myself this
week and he stepped on the scale from behind me without me noticing.
I looked down and about had a heart attack when I realized he was
laughing......the turd......  Well, That's all I can think of.
Grandpa was sure to tell her not to come in the next two weeks while
they are out of the country but that she was free to come anytime
after that.  (I have no doubt Lovely and grandpa will be best friends
from the moment they first meet.)
We love you all!!!
Keep the Faith!
Brooke, Ryan, and Lovely

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 weeks!

I know it's hard to believe, but Lovely and I hit the 30 week mark on Monday!  Lovely measures in at the size of a head of lettuce this week and possibly over 3 pounds!!!  YIKES!   My weekly update tells me that She spends her days making faces, hiccuping, swallowing, breathing, pedaling with little hands and feet along my uterine wall, and even sucking her thumb!  She's getting big!!!!!  Although there are moments when I feel like a beached whale, (or rather a tipped cow), I am still very active and feeling great.  I accompanied my ward's teenagers on a youth trip this weekend to Nauvoo (5 hour drive there and back) and the young men (ages 12-17) took it upon themselves to be my personal protectors and slaves.  It was so cute.  Skipping my afternoon nap is becoming harder and harder and my belly is growing every day!  I passed my glucose test, which was quite an experience.  I now understand why they give you 10 ounces when they only expect you to drink 5.  Gross!!!  I am still craving guacamole and fresh lemonade, but not as intensely as before.  Chocolate ice cream is still a staple in our home.  Ryan is well! He is currently re working our laundry room so we can inherit my parent's washer and dryer.  He loves his projects, and I love taking no part in them.  This actually works ideally for the both of us;)  what a team.  Pregnancy is wonderful and I'm still loving every minute of it. 

We miss and love you all!!
Brooke, Ryan, and Lovely

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3rd Trimester? Bring it on!

Hello All!!
We've finally made it to trimester three!!!!!  Baby Girl is measuring in at approximately the size of a small cabbage.....and almost 3 pounds!!!  Yikes!  My belly is ever growing and I had a funny experience yesterday.  I was reading my daily update when I read that by this point most women cant see their legs when they stand and look down.  I thought to myself, "Ha!  I can totally still see my legs!"  When I got up to prove it to myself, I was mortified that I not only couldn't see my legs, but I couldn't see my toes!!!  Later that morning, I mourned the loss of my toes with a bowl of ice only seemed appropriate.  I am still feeling great, though very tired and having trouble sleeping at night.  It's weird.  I'm not having trouble sleeping because of bathroom breaks, cravings, or back aches; I find myself waking up an hour or 2 after we go to bed wide awake.  And it doesn't matter how early or late I go to bed.  Oh well.  We started our birth class last night and it was a lot of fun!  I won't lie though, when they showed me the size my cervix would some day dilate to, I turned to Ryan and told him I changed my mind.  Ha!  Anyway, Ryan is well, he really is quite the gentleman.  The other day, he made a joke and after I gave him a very dirt look, he said, "So I guess we've made it to the 'it's not funny unless you say it's funny' portion of the pregnancy...."  Well spotted, dear, well, spotted.  My current cravings are for guacamole and fresh lemonade.  yum!  I see the doctor again on Thursday and have to do my glucose test.  The gross, orange, sugary drink is waiting for me in the fridge.....It can't be worse than cough syrup, right?  Also, for those of you who don't already have a testimony of the power of Tums, I have recently been converted.  I've never needed them before now, and I was all too pleased to see 2 women last night at birth class pull a bottle of them from their purses.  Well, I hope all is well with you!!!

Keep the faith!!!
Brooke, Ryan, and Lovely

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

26 weeks!

Well, well,
We've hit 26 weeks and I can finally say that I have quite a belly.  No joke, our baby girl likes to get bigger by the day and I am trying desperately to keep up with her.  I am finally beginning to understand the need for the "waddle"  It's just not as easy to walk, (let's be honest, it's even harder to find the motivation to move.)  Anyway, I am still feeling great and am very active, (as is she).  Baby girl measures in at the length of a cucumber.  Ryan put together her crib (or "her royal bed chamber" as I like to call it) on Saturday and it looks WONDERFUL!  Thank goodness the weather is beautiful this week because it makes getting up and out of the house way more appealing.  Many have asked me about names.  Until we actually meet her, there will be no official name, but we have a few top contenders.  For the time being, we just refer to her as our Lovely.  Because that's exactly what she is.  We are definitely to the point where the need for a short mid-day lay-down is not so much a possibility, but a necessity.  It doesn't have to be long, but without it, I become a zombie.  On Sunday's you'll find me at church bartering and trading snacks with the nearest 3 year old in the pew, and my purse always has a couple snacks handy.  Thus far, I have only put on about 6 or 7 pounds, but it feels like far more than that.  Ryan remains my hero and is willing to massage, scratch, lift, and provide food for me whenever I am in need.  (though I am proud to say that he's only been asked to make 2 evening runs to the store so far!)  I am enjoying every minute of being pregnant and am thrilled to be able to do so!!!  Our little girl is already pretty spoiled, and it can only get worse from here! 
We love you and hope all is well!!! 
Brooke, Ryan, and Lovely

Sunday, March 4, 2012

6 months!!!

Hello All!
Well, it's official, We've hit the 6 month mark!  That's right!  I'm 24 weeks now and Sweet baby girl and I are doing just fine!  Baby girl measures in this week at the approximate size of an eggplant :)  If you haven't already seen, or heard, I finally "popped" and my mother and I couldn't hold off our maternity pants shopping trip any longer.  Truth be told, I may never go back to wearing pants with buttons now that I've experienced jeans with elastic waistbands.  Our baby girl is continuing to be more and more active (a tap dancer like mommy, perhaps?) and this morning, tried her best to expand her room to up under my rib cage......needless to say, her attempt was unsuccessful, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  (ouch!)  I saw the Doctor today and all is still well with us both.  I was talking to my Dad on the phone this morning and he mentioned that my sister was enjoying cake for breakfast......From then on, all I could think about was cake, and on my way home from the Doctor, I had to stop at my favorite bakery and pick up a little treat.  I'm just celebrating the 6 month mark, right?  And while I was walking into the Doctor, all I could think about was Chinese food.  I have a feeling that the lack of significant cravings is about to make a drastic u-turn.....(poor Ryan).  I still HAVE to sleep with a fan on every night and have added a humidifier to the room.  I also officially have been self-diagnosed with "the dropsies"  I have been dropping dishes and pretty much everything else, including thoughts.  Yikes.  But I can honestly say that I still LOVE being pregnant!  And now that I have cute clothes that actually fit, I can look the part too!  I'll have to post a picture of my outfit today on my blog, because I'm all dressed up with no place to go!  For those of you interested in how Ryan is doing (I mean, really, who isn't?), he is taking to fatherhood quite nicely.  He now refers to us as his "girls" and seems very content with the prospect of being outnumbered.  He enjoys talking to baby girl and feeling her move.  He already has big plans to teach her how to change a tire, he insists that she will someday drive a truck, and (in his own words) looks forward to hours and hours of playing "pretty pretty princess" and having frequent tea parties.  What a guy!  The other exciting news is that a friend from church brought over 5 boxes of baby girl clothes which left me weeping with each outfit I held up.  We will have one very well dressed little girl.  I'm a sucker for bloomers and fully intend to put them on my girl every day.  Well, I think this is all for today; I'm hungry and my snack from Deerfield Bakery awaits me in the kitchen.  We love you all and are so thankful you are a part of our lives. 

Keep the faith!!!!
Brooke, Ryan, and BGC

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Girl Chapman (BGC)

Hello All!
Last week's excitement is still ringing strong in our house.  It took every ounce of self control to walk through a baby clothing store, pass things like tutus and bows, and walk out empty handed.  But I did succeed.  Baby Girl Chapman (hereby referred to as BGC) is continuing to grow ans measures in this week at the approximate size of a papaya (8 in, 1.2 lbs)  Last week, at our ultrasound, the docotr told us that she got A+ across the board.  This news only strengthened our already solid view of her utter perfection.  She is moving a ton and I am near positive that at the end of last week, gave me a full on head-but.  I am also very proud to announce that she enjoys the Andrews Sisters (a 1940's singing/tap dancing trio that sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy)  which has me hopeful that she will be blessed with my sense of rhythm on the dance floor rather than her father's......One can only hope.  We get excited every time one of us says "our daughter" and have to stop and take in the moment at each occurrence. 
We hope all is well with you!
Keep the FAITH!!!
Brooke, Ryan, and BGC

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

21 Weeks

Hello All,
This week's baby update will come in 2 parts.  The second part will come on Thursday and will hopefully contain news of Baby Chapman's gender.
At 21 weeks, Baby Chapman is measuring in at about the size of a spaghetti squash.  Upon reading this earlier today, I had to ask Erin what a spaghetti squash was.  Luckily, she had one, and after I carried it around her apartment for about 4 hours today, she was gracious enough to let me take it home with me.  I have included a picture!!  The baby weighs approximately 1 pound.  When I went in for my monthly baby check up last week, my doctor was impressed with the amount Baby Chapman moves.  We've got a champ.  Any last guesses will hopefully be supported or squashed (no pun intended :) on Thurdsday when Ryan and I go in for my ultrasound.  The appointment is at 2:30 Central Time and if you dont answer my call, text or email by around 4, I will be forced to let the rest of the world in on the news.  Do yourself a favor, and be available.  We are thrilled!!!  The baby gets really active after I drink a Jamba Juice.  So I'm anxious to see if that trend continues.  As time goes by, I continue to grow out of pants, but I still have some that fit if I dont keep them buttoned for too long. 

We hope all is well with you!!!!

Keep the Faith!
Brooke, Ryan, and Baby

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Saga Continues

Well, I have officially hit the 20 week mark and everything is still going beautifully.  I've been blessed with some kicks and minor movements and every once in a while, I can look down, and see that the baby has completely shifted to one side, leaving the other side of my belly unoccupied.  So cute! 

We are T-9 days until our ultrasound which SHOULD tell us if baby Chapman is a boy or a girl.   We aren't picky in the slightest, but I just want to know!!!  Let's all hope and pray that baby Chapman decides not to be shy that day.  In a moment of weakness yesterday, I day dreamed about storming into my OB's office and complaining of something gone horribly wrong so they'd take me in for an early ultrasound.......but patience is a virtue, right? 

According to my updates, baby Chapman is measuring up to a banana this week.  Which puts the baby at 7 inches (crown to rump) and a whopping 11 oz!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I looked over at Ryan the other day and told him that I was past the half way mark.  To this he responded, "wow, we should probably start getting ready, huh?"  We look forward to crib shopping sometime in the next month.  My biggest complaint lately has been that I crave something desperately each evening, but I can never seem to put my finger on what it is.  Even after a grocery store run, I pace and dig through everything we have and never find anything that seems remotely satisfying.  Oh well.  It could be WAY worse. 

I had a wonderful thought the other day.  I was chatting away or belting showtunes to the baby, as I often do, and I thought to myself, "We were made for each other." 

Before I finish, I want to proposition anyone living in Utah, or Arizona near a Rumbi Island Grill.  I am willing to do pretty much anything, short of giving up my firstborn, if someone will find a way to get me a rice bowl!!!!!  Let me know if you can so I can tell you my specific order......

All else is well!!!
Brooke, Ryan, and Baby

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Smiles

Hello All!!!
I am happy to report that at 19 weeks 3 days, things are looking great. I have reached the half-way point in this pregnancy, which is surreal.  Baby Chapman is measuring in at the size of a large mango/small cantaloupe and I am finally sporting a bump that looks more like I'm carrying a baby and less like I ate too much for lunch!!! I am still feeling great and the excitement is really starting to build.  Last night, I felt actual kicks for the first time!!  I had been feeling little movements, like if the baby was changing positions, but now I can feel actual kicks!!!  We are anxiously awaiting February 9th when we have another ultrasound which will hopefully tell us if I spend all day talking to a baby boy or a baby girl.  (We aren't picky).  I wandered through the baby section at Target today and had the time of my life doing so!  Everything is just so cute!!!  Ryan and I are getting plenty of practice as we baby sit almost every week.  I'm just so darn excited!!! 

Here is a picture from one week ago. 

We love you all and hope all is well!!!

Brooke, Ryan, and Baby