Monday, September 16, 2013

Syd Fun

This summer has been very eventful with all our travels, but we did enjoy our downtime as well!
Chillin with PaPa and Basil at the pool

countless hours on the swing!

Trips to the Gardens

Checking Daddy's work

Just ask my secretary

Making new friends

Lambs Farm

Dress Ups


We had an amazing opportunity to go to Washington to visit family, see Sydney's cousins, and witness a sweet family be sealed together in God's temple for Eternity!  We had so much fun that it was truly hard to come back home.  I love these guys so much!

In front of the Space Needle

I love these punks so much!!!  I would take them home with me.

Illinois doesn't have beauty like this

Tayte was hungry and Syd was sitting in his seat.....

Shopping Cart derby!

Happy 4th!

Our village has a cute celebration of the 4th which is followed by a parade.  We had a blast! happy Place

Ryan's ancesters helped settle a little town in the middle of New Mexico, Carson.  To this day it remains one of my favorite places on this earth.  I tend to joke that I only married Ryan so I would have access to Carson....not true, but funny still the same.  We spent a week there with some of Ryan's family.  I'd retire here......
Camel Rock

Remake of a picture from his childhood

Sydney helping me pack; she didn't want to be forgotten

pure beauty


sydney snuggling with her great grandmother