Thursday, December 18, 2014


The kids and I took a trip to be with Mimi and Papa in California.  Always a blast!
very proud of her tower

Normy doing the Mowgli walk

Morning snuggles with Papa

Not a bad view for a morning run

Normy and Amelia

Syd and Elika

At my FAVORITE stationary store!  

Sunday, December 14, 2014


A few pictures because my kids are just so darn cute when they sleep!

Fall Shenanigens

Sometimes Ryan gets really tired.

Sometimes my dad sends me pictures of himself to show my kids so they don't forget him.. Like they could ever forget their Papa

My dapper boy at church

The left is at the start of General Conference...The right is shortly thereafter

Ryan got Braces

Sydney LOVES to hide under blankets.....

...and under the covers.....

She also loves to go out for ice cream

"Mom, I'm testing my friends"

Reading The Friend with Daddy

This is Sydney and Ryan in their fort during Stake Conference

The Wesley ladies enjoying some togetherness