Sunday, November 27, 2011


One of the HUGE blessings I receive through serving with the young women at church is to see them use their remarkable talents!  I am not afraid to admit that I enjoy allowing my girls to use their talents to bless my life.  One of my girls is teaching me to play the piano as one of her service projects.  Another just finished crocheting my unborn child a beautiful, and quite warm I might add, blanket.  And I asked another to take our Christmas pictures.  I love these girls with all my heart and I love that they are far more talented than I ever was.  I figure it's a win-win: I am blessed by their talents, and they are blessed for serving me.  Everybody wins, right?  Here are some Christmas pictures!!!!!

(My instructions to her were something along the lines of, "Ok, you know what Cheesy family pictures look like?  THAT'S what I'm going for!!!  Think, CHEESE.  and not like 'Smile and say, Cheese!'  I'm saying, 'Think, Cheese' "  She truly gets me.)  And I'd also like to thank Ryan for being a wonderful sport.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Introducing: Baby Chapman

That's right, Folks, there is a baby in my belly!!!  Ryan and I are thrilled to announce that I am pregnant and that Baby Chapman should be gracing us sometime around June 18th!!!  I am currently 9 weeks along, and I simply can't hold it in any longer!!!  Baby Chapman had his/her first debut on camera today and here are some pictures and a video.  The video is way more fun because you get to see some waves!!!  I am feeling pretty well.  I only feel nauseous sometimes and as long as I keep myself fed every 2 hours, I feel pretty good.  I have to nap more often, which I don't mind at all!  This will be grandbaby # 1 for my parents, so needless to say, I have become the favorite child for the time being. (Having said that, I am sure that once the baby comes, I'll be dropped like a hot rock.)  But I'm loving every minute and enjoy having someone to talk to at all times!!!  Of course we will be finding out whether Baby Chapman is a boy or a girl when the time comes.  I cant wait for that becuase I will finally be able to say he or she and not "it" or "the baby".  I will keep you all posted and hopefully once I've showered, I'll take a 9 week baby belly picture, (which is non-existant, but it'll give a good starting point!)

And the Video!!!  The voices in the background are my mother and me.....she didn't know the video recorded sound, so ha!