Friday, November 1, 2013


This year for Halloween, Syd was finally old enough to join in and enjoy the festivities.  I had her pegged as a BYU cheerleader, but she decided that she loved our friends' Tiger costume sooo much so we just had to borrow it!  She loves to wear it and "ROAR" every change she gets.  Our ward didn't have a Halloween Party, so we went to another ward's and crashed it.  As Ryan pointed out, Syd was the Tiger, and we were her prey. 

As for trick-or-treating,  the rain didn't stop us.  We went to another neighborhood with Syd'd favorite friends, (who just so happen to be the offspring of MY favorite friend).   Syd was a little confused for the first few houses but caught on quickly and ran up to every door to say, "treeet!"  What a cutie!!!