Sunday, September 14, 2014

36 Years Old

A few months before Ryan's birthday, he mentioned that although he'd been in Chicago for almost 8 years now, he'd never seen Blue Man Group.  I saw it in middle school and it's definitely one not to miss!  Unfortunately there aren't any pictures of the birthday boy.....Oops.  But while he went to get the car, I took the opportunity to meet the guys.

26 years young!

As usual, I we sooo excited for my birthday!  I start reminding family and friends months in advance using what I like to call "Courtesy Notices".  I firmly believe that on one's birthday they should practically be worshiped.  Ryan always takes the day off which is so amazing.  We began with a date to the Temple to do some sealings!  It was such an amazing experience!  We also went to dinner with my family to the same restaurant that we go to every year, Ron of Japan.  Afterwards, Ryan and I went out to see a movie; Guardians of the Galaxy.  Great flick!

The House of the Lord!

Family is Forever!

At Ron of Japan.  One has to protect one's eyebrows when the flames get that big!!

Summer Fun

Our summer in Pictures!
Being so cute can be exhausting!

Ready for Church!

At Buckingham Fountain

Making Soup with Momma

Syd was so sick that when we got home from the dr, I wen upstairs to get more towels and I came down to find this!

Good Morning

Summer was tiring....this happened a LOT


That CAN'T be comfortable
Sweet Girl at the Dr's office

Syd using a cassette tape as a camera.....Poor kid will never know the Joy of a Walkman

Happy boy


At our friend's house.  


Syd reading her Book of Mormon.  As one friend put it, "Syd must be in AP nursery"

My niece Puppy

Getting ready for Syd's first train ride

On the train with Daddy!

Getting her beauty rest

Handsome boy in his outfit from Grandma T

Ice Cream trip!


Syds absolute favorite part of Summer.  Being on the trampoline with PaPa

Our Lovely babysitter

Norman's favorite passtime

Syd kissing her baby brother via the monitor

Syd and her cousin Aidan playing 

Garden Bounty

Visiting our friend's new juice bar.  

More Garden Bounty

Dress ups

Sibling Love

Happy and Blessed Momma!

The Norms having a very deep conversation

Swimming Lessons!