Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sydney never ceases to make me laugh.  Whether she is performing her famous "jungle call" or practicing her gene simmons impression, or even just playing in the bathtub, her smiles and laughs are contagious!

And sometimes, all that entertaining can make a girl tired..........

The newest member of KISS

 Sydney is in training to join Gene Simmons and KISS.  Her tongue is long and impressive and she shows it off all the time.  Although I hope she finds another life calling to pursue someday, I'll just be happy if she is willing to look after me in my old age. 


My sweet Sydney has no need to crawl.  She can roll and pivot herself quite well allowing her to get anywhere she desires.  He new love is peekaboo.  When I say peekaboo, I don't mean the normal version; Sydney feels that her own rules apply.  She likes to pull her bib, or a blanket over her face and wait for us to pull it away.  Then she smiles, giggles, and pulls the bib or blanket back over her face.  Sometimes, when I'm not paying attention, she rolls into a hiding place, like under the couch!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leaps and Bounds

My sweet Sydney is growing up so fast!! I feel like every time I blink, another month has gone by. So, in our house, we have a new family rule: NO BLINKING!

Syd is 7 months old today! She is so tall! She loves standing in her exersaucer and rolling around every chance she gets. She has 2 brand new teeth and loves to chew on everything. She likes oatmeal, but really has no other interest in food. She is super busy. She needs to see, touch, taste, and explore every little thing. This becomes a problem when trying to change her diaper. She spots something, rolls and tries to squirm away.

She still looks like her Daddy, and her eyes are a very interesting color that continues to change. Her little personality is starting to shine. She has her daddy's "who, me?!" Look down already. Although many boys have shown interest in Sydney, her heart only croons for one boy so far, (besides Daddy and Grandpa) and that is her boyfriend, Creed. Luckily, their feelings are mutual.

She loves to stick out her tongue! She can sit up, without help, like a big girl! She loves to talk!!!! The list goes on and on!

She brings the spirit to everyone she meets and has a nag for softening hearts everywhere.

My sweet Sydney is perfection!