Friday, November 1, 2013


This year for Halloween, Syd was finally old enough to join in and enjoy the festivities.  I had her pegged as a BYU cheerleader, but she decided that she loved our friends' Tiger costume sooo much so we just had to borrow it!  She loves to wear it and "ROAR" every change she gets.  Our ward didn't have a Halloween Party, so we went to another ward's and crashed it.  As Ryan pointed out, Syd was the Tiger, and we were her prey. 

As for trick-or-treating,  the rain didn't stop us.  We went to another neighborhood with Syd'd favorite friends, (who just so happen to be the offspring of MY favorite friend).   Syd was a little confused for the first few houses but caught on quickly and ran up to every door to say, "treeet!"  What a cutie!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sweet Home Missouri

Through all the summers I spent deep in the heart of the Ozarks, Missouri has become somewhat of an alternate home for me.  I wish the drive wasn't so long so I could spend more time there, but I am happy to try and go once a year.  I have family in Missouri (thought not blood related) who are always welcoming me and my family with open arms. Sydney and I decided to take a road trip with just us two girls.  And, in true Sydney fashion, She made the 8 hour drive both ways easy. 

We stayed with the family that adopted me while I worked at camp.  I was lucky enough to meet them at church.  They housed me, fed me, and nursed me back to health after each 6 day week of 24 hour shifts.  Bless them.  They've truly seen me at my best and at times when my best isn't an option.  We chatted, we cooked, we laughed and we enjoyed playing with Sydney.  Their desire and ability to serve and care for others always baffles me.  They always think of others first and it didn't take long for their home to become mine.  I wouldn't have lasted my summers at camp without them.  I thank God for them often. 

We were also fortunate enough to visit my Steven and his family.  When people ask me who my Steven is, I usually reply with, "He's the other love of my life," or, "He's my fave."  Of all the hundred of campers I had the opportunity to interact with and care for in my years at camp, Steven became my light.  During particularly rough weeks, I was able to remind myself that if I stuck it out, I would get to chill with Steven.  I can't mention Steven without mentioning Mary, Steven's Godsend of a mother.  She's his mother, his advocate, his nurse, his best friend.  Mary is one of a kind and I am honored to call her family!  Steven and Mary, (And Ron of course, who Sydney adored) live on somewhat of a farm.  Cows, chickens, guineas.  I LOVE to be outside around their place.  I feel free and at one with nature and many of our Heavenly Father's creations.  Make me feel less like a girl from the burbs of Chicago and more like a girl ready to wrestle a cow and fetch eggs from the chicken coop.  Sydney was in Heaven there.  She got to frolic and play with animals.  Her and Steven didn't really seem to notice each other, but we all had fun just the same. 
I get up to go to the bathroom and come back to this!


Steven is such a good sport.  I basically kissed him the whole time

Fetching lunch for mommy

Fast friends

Farmer Syd  Or Cowgirl Syd if you prefer

The AMAZING dress that Mary crocheted for Syd


With the wind in our hair

Driving with Mary

My Main Squeeze

Kiss kiss!

Three cute girls!!!

A girl's best friend!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Syd Fun

This summer has been very eventful with all our travels, but we did enjoy our downtime as well!
Chillin with PaPa and Basil at the pool

countless hours on the swing!

Trips to the Gardens

Checking Daddy's work

Just ask my secretary

Making new friends

Lambs Farm

Dress Ups


We had an amazing opportunity to go to Washington to visit family, see Sydney's cousins, and witness a sweet family be sealed together in God's temple for Eternity!  We had so much fun that it was truly hard to come back home.  I love these guys so much!

In front of the Space Needle

I love these punks so much!!!  I would take them home with me.

Illinois doesn't have beauty like this

Tayte was hungry and Syd was sitting in his seat.....

Shopping Cart derby!

Happy 4th!

Our village has a cute celebration of the 4th which is followed by a parade.  We had a blast! happy Place

Ryan's ancesters helped settle a little town in the middle of New Mexico, Carson.  To this day it remains one of my favorite places on this earth.  I tend to joke that I only married Ryan so I would have access to Carson....not true, but funny still the same.  We spent a week there with some of Ryan's family.  I'd retire here......
Camel Rock

Remake of a picture from his childhood

Sydney helping me pack; she didn't want to be forgotten

pure beauty


sydney snuggling with her great grandmother