Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 K; NO WAY!

I've never been a runner.  I can remember having to run once in preseason for swimming.  As we ran ONE lap around the field hockey field, I was wheezing and thought myself to be on the brink of death.  I remember the field hockey players cheering me on.  It was awful!  Flash forward 10ish years and I had just had my second child and was DETERMINED to get in shape.  So I tried my hand at running.  I started by doing power walks while wearing a 10 lb weighted vest and eventually shed the vest and started jogging.  My end goal was to run a 5k successfully!  AND I DID!!!  On the 4th, my sister and I (She planned to run the 10k) went to run in a deerfield run race.  I am happy to report, that I didn't get lapped by the 10k-ers until about mile 2.  And I ran all but .1 miles.  I am a rockstar!

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